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Too Much Sorrow

Too Much Sorrow Piano Chords 

Too Much Sorrow
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Too Much Sorrow
(Ra-ta-tat, Ra-ta-tat, Bang, Bang, Bang)

Verse 1

It’s a new day with the same old,
Ra-ta-tat, Ra-ta-tat more lives lost.

Verse 2

It’s a new day with the same old,
Bang, Bang, Bang another life is gone.

Verse 3

Dear God please send us leaders
who understand what needs to be done.

Chorus 1

Ra-ta-tat, Ra-ta-tat, Bang, Bang, Bang.
More grief, anger and disrupted lives.

Verse 4

You cannot reason with evil,
Evil does not understand reason.

Chorus 2

Ra-ta-tat, Ra-ta-tat, Bang, Bang, Bang,
Too much sorrow, grief and pain.

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